“For my birthday my husband obtained the services of April to review my style, my closet and help me refine my look. For a couple years I had talked about the fact that I had so many separate pieces and nothing went together. I also knew I had been hoarding some out of date clothes and couldn’t figure out if some were classics or should be tossed.

I decided to focus on my business wardrobe. April asked me a series of questions about my style and other questions to get to know me and then scheduled an appointment to come over and go through my closet. While I was looking so forward to the appointment, I was a little intimidated to have someone come over and start looking through my closet. It was so personal I didn’t know how it would actually be once it happened.

When April came over I was instantly at ease. She has a warm smile and very kind approach, along with an awesome energy, passion and knowledge of style. Her friendly nature instantly put me at ease and I let her loose in my closet. For most everything she told me to toss, deep down I knew she was right. There were only a few items that we negotiated, with her winning almost every time, but I wasn’t upset about it. I appreciated having someone there that didn’t have any ownership or stake in the clothing who could advise me to let it go.

At the end of the closet session, we had gone through everything, leaving some items in the closet and knowing which ones wouldn’t go back in. We then made plans to meet the next day to do an in-store style session. There was no pressure to buy but to look at styles that suit me, as well as color and labels so that I would know what to focus on when she isn’t with me.

The style session took place at Saks Fifth Avenue in Chevy Chase. It was fantastic. I was treated like a queen, and had a private fitting room, lunch and champagne. It was the best time and no pressure. Once I started trying everything on, though, April had done such a good job picking out pieces, that most of them fit perfectly, and looked great! She had various textures, styles and colors, which I appreciated as I was able to get a feel for what makes me feel good wearing.

While there was no pressure, I ended up buying several core pieces to work around. They are perfect as they will last me a long time, and I know how to mix and match them, and how build on them with other pieces. The great thing about April’s service is that she follows up with a written “E-book” about your style, what I need to buy, advice on accessories, and things to look out for in my style. It was more than I thought I would get from the service. I can’t wait to utilize April’s services to look at my casual style next.

April ended up being more than my style guru. We went out for supper a few weeks later, and had just as much a good time as we did during the style session. I feel like I gained a friend who is giving me the advice I should have been getting a long time ago!”

~Susan || Alexandria, VA

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