The 15 Best Concealers for dark circles, Blemishes, and Dark Spots

Celebrity makeup artists say nothing makes your morning more miserable than awakening with dark circles that appear under your eyes. Whether from a sleepless night, stress, or genetics, deep purple bags are a harmless-yet-frustrating skincare woe most of us have to deal with from time to time. Every concealer is not formulated to cover under-eye circles. Using eye creams and serums can diminish the appearance of dark circles over time. But if you are a working woman and go to the office daily, the best concealer for dark circles is an essential gear to conceal and brighten your eyes.

All concealers on the market may have the same effect but take a second look. The color-corrector concealers are another option for imperfections. For instance, the green and yellow color is ideal for covering up dark spots, red spots, and acne scars. However, they are also suitable for concealing dark circles under the eyes. A concealer with anti-aging properties can be a moisturizing product for mature skin.

Under-eye concealers and a brightening concealer can be described as an undergarment for the eyes. It matches your natural skin tone and gives you a natural-looking, flawless finish. The first step is to choose the right concealer and shade, and the second step is to apply it correctly and see how effective the concealer looks and how well it covers under-eye dark circles and eye bags.

The best options we have listed below have not only perfect ratings and reviews but also hundreds of 5-star reviews.

The List of 15 Best Concealer for dark circles – Detailed Overview

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer

The full coverage formula is a mixture of antioxidants, peptides, collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamins, and other nutrients that can make wrinkles appear less noticeable and help cover up blemishes and discoloration. It is a good undereye concealer that flawlessly covers dark circles and dark spots. It is a moisturizing concealer and easy to apply. Due to its smudge-proof and waterproof formula, you won’t worry about it shifting around. This product is excellent if you’re looking for full-coverage, under-eye concealers that can be used for multiple purposes.

The buildable coverage covers darkness effortlessly and shadows under the eyes. In addition, the moisturizing ingredients in this product provide a natural look without feeling weighty. It’s the perfect product for long-lasting coverage that looks and feels natural—the price at time of publish $29.

Should I buy it?

Yes, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer is priced reasonably concerning the amount you get and the many uses. Since you can use it as a concealer or foundation, the $28 price is acceptable. In addition, you get 0.4 Fl Oz of product for the price. Although it could appear insignificant for concealer or foundation items, this full coverage formula allows you to apply a small amount while having a decent amount that lasts throughout the day.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer overview

It’s one of the most loved creamy liquid concealer that celebrity makeup artist use due to its full and medium coverage. It’s like having an espresso shot on your face. This is the concealer I research most when working on deeper natural skin tone. Price at time of publish $24.99.

The creamy formula of NARS Radiant Creamy concealer delivers a radiant finish to dry and mature skin. It is a multi-action concealer that instantly conceals imperfections, smoothes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and hides dark circles and signs of fatigue. The plant-based organic formula moisturizes the skin, reduces the appearance of redness, and enhances the skin’s look by helping retain moisture. Light-diffusing technology makes skin appear natural and fresh with a radiant finish. It also provides antioxidant protection to protect the skin.

Should I buy it?

Of course, Its Mineral Tone Balancing Powder works to correct and conceal imperfections. They also boost the skin’s resilience by stimulating the retention of moisture. Light-diffusing Mineral Powder reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging and can aid in balancing skin tone. This full and medium coverage formula is enriched with botanical extracts to hydrate skin.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

The creamy texture is one of the most effective products you can buy now. I am in my 40s and enjoy the full coverage formula of this dark circles Maybelline concealer because it maintains the skin’s freshness, doesn’t cling to wrinkles or fine lines, and gives a smooth coverage. The matte formula lasts all day on oily skin without being greasy. Apply the applicator sponge around your nose and eyes for maximum coverage. The price at time of publish $8.80.

The formula contains haloxyl that rapidly reduces and diminishes any puffiness that appears. Your Eyes appear fresh and bright. Apply this brightening concealer to create an elegant look to the corners of your eyes, cheeks, eyebrow bones, cheekbones, and the bridge of your nose.

Should I buy it?

The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer comes in many shades. The shades aren’t huge but work for most skin tones. My skin is fair. This concealer’s texture is a thick, thin, and lightweight formula. It is a full-coverage concealer that conceals dark spots and dark circles with just a tiny amount of texture. Apply a corrector or neutralizer before this concealer to achieve an elegant look.

Why Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer has 164,374 ratings? The best? Read Two Minutes Complete Review.

Tarte Double Duty Shape Tape Contour Concealer

In the world of concealers for dark circles, tarte shape tape concealer is the holy grail. It also softens the look of pores and lines. The large doe foot applicator is easy to create precise contours and strokes. The shape tape concealer features Amazonian clay, conditioning ingredients, mango seeds, and shea butter. The highly nutritious concealer increases the skin’s elasticity and brightness through every wrinkle-free application. Apply it with the one-stop quickie blender makeup sponge (sold separately) for a quick, flawless complexion and a flake-free finish. Shape tape concealer is suitable for sensitive skin due to its cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan formula. The price at time of publish $21.38.

Should I buy it?

Suppose you need more than 7643 five-star reviews to convince you. If you are, you’ll be delighted to discover that the popular concealer is manufactured with Amazonian clay to absorb oil from the skin and prevent daytime slipping and shea butter. The hydrating formula provides hydration to keep your skin hydrating.

You can create a sculpted, highlighted look while covering imperfections with this concealer that covers using two methods. The hydrating, long-lasting formulation gives every skin type a naturally radiant finish and glowing coverage. It quickly hides dark circles, acne scars, and bloodshot eyes.

Bobbi Brown Under Eye Corrector Concealer

This stuff is magical. This lightweight undereye concealer is similar to an eye-caring balm, and it is an effective color corrector. It goes beyond smoothing fine lines and conceals the redness. It can also help to brighten dark circles by utilizing soft undertones. Bobbi Brown Color Corrector is specifically designed to treat dark circles. So you need to apply it before the foundation. It helps reduce the darkness of your skin and provides a natural finish with maximum coverage. Price at time of publish $25.99.

It’s on me in Dark Peach, which goes well with warm yellow skin, part of the NC35-NC40 foundation range of MAC. The peach shades help reduce the dark brownish circles under the eyes. Contrary to regular yellow concealers, which make the eyes appear darker, the peach hue included in Bobbi Brown’s color corrector can be an excellent option. Bobbi Brown Color Corrector hides imperfections and can help smooth skin tone.

Should I buy it?

Applying a thin moisturizing cream to the under-eye area is recommended before using other products to prevent the creasing. The Bobbi Brown Color Corrector has a highly creamy formula and moisturizing your face before the application is vital to ensure that the product can be applied smoothly. It offers maximum coverage. However, using small quantities in layers instead of a complete dollop of the product all over the eye is best. Applying less product frequently will cause the product to form an eye caking.

Another suggestion is to apply your Bobbi Brown color corrector on dark areas, not the entire under-eye area. For instance, the dark line I’m wearing stretches across my eyes, almost up to the region at the top of my cheeks, focusing on the dark areas. Also, I place a tiny product line under my lash line and around the outer corner of my eyes because there’s a lot of darkness in that region—the best concealer for dark circles to look perfect.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat All-Over Brightening Pen

Research based on more than 1200 product reviews

Since I always have dark circles under my eyes. You can see my pic on my website and my frequent lack of sleeping habits. I depend heavily on concealers and highlighters (this item can serve in either, depending on the level of coverage you want) to look attractive, healthy, and vibrant each morning. Price at time of publish $35.

Should I buy it?

The YSL Beauty” Touche” Eclat All-Over Brightening concealer pen provides a healthy glow. Its dual use as a highlighter and concealer makes it the ideal product to include in your beauty routine.

MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix 24-Hour Liquid Concealer

A fluid, light concealer with a wand tool provides all-day comfort with full and medium coverage with a natural finish. The consistency of the MAC Studio Fix 24-Hour Smooth Wear Concealer is silky and thick. It’s the ideal consistency for smooth application and blends easily. Mac studio concealer is soft and light when applied to the skin. It’s not overly heavy but may make it feel cakey when used too heavily. It’s easy mixing this item. Price at time of publish $34.19.

Should I buy it?

You will love mixing it with a concealer brush because it blends easily, and I suggest blending it with your fingers while concealing dark circles or dark spots. It matches beautifully with the skin and doesn’t look too heavy or cakey. Mac Studio Fix 24-Hour Liquid Concealer is set to give an elegant matte finish and is not overly glossy. The buildable coverage formula provides full and medium coverage and can cover imperfections.

Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Concealer

The Laura Mercier concealer for dark circles promises to cover under eye area and dark spots for the entire day. It functions best for oily skin and stops sweat and humidity all day. Tips: warm-up the concealer using your ring finger and then apply the concealer on your skin for natural-looking skin. Price at time of publish $48.96.

You will fall in love with the doe-foot-like applicator, which is fuzzy and fuzzier. It’s squoval-shaped, swiftly moves across the left side from left to right, and is highly satisfying. At the same time, apply strips (typically about three) under the eyes, starting at the sides of the nose (the deepest, sunken-in area of my eye’s lower eye region) and moving along your orbital bone inside the outer edges of the eyes.

Should I buy it? and Review from the

It’s likely to be extremely hot and humid out. In this scenario, it’s best to apply the concealer with an orange-toned concealer (currently addicted to the Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder, in yellow) under the eyes to prevent creasing. If you don’t take this process, the eyes appear highly moisturized.

What about the problem of concealer needing to be more obvious? The formula is extremely lightweight and provides a silky appearance that’s not a too shiny or matte finish. Laura Mercier concealer is best for normal and mature skin and looks natural. The medium coverage formula provides full and medium coverage.

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Concealer

The “Mother of Makeup,” a.k.a. Pat McGrath, presents her first-ever concealer: a light, silky, full-coverage, and medium-coverage concealer. To create a natural second-skin appearance, apply this soft and radiant concealer under your eyes to hide dark circles. Additionally, warm two or three tiny drops with your ring finger and apply on imperfections to hide them. The full-coverage concealer lasts for the day without drying the skin.

The Sublime Perfection Concealer is the latest item from the Skin Fetish collection of skin products. The concealer retails at $32 and includes 0.16 Oz of product.

Should I buy it? and Review from the, value for the money.

It’s a thick liquid concealer comparable to Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer and e.l.f. Camo Concealer. It’s simple to apply but drys fast; therefore, you must be quick. You can use it on eyelids, then apply a wet Cosmetic Blender sponge to smooth it. Have you got it, my readers? If you attempt with a concealer brush, you’ll experience difficulties pulling on the delicate skin under the eyes. This could result in an uneven shade due to the speed at which concealers are put on. Pat McGrath Labs describes the Sublime Perfection Concealer as a lightweight and full-coverage concealer.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer

Be sure to dance with happiness. There’s no need to worry about creasing. Rihanna announced 50 shades of this gorgeous concealer that will exceed your coverage expectations and stay at the same level all day. I’m sure this sweatproof formula is a mind-blowing product and guaranteed to provide you with a natural finish. Price at time of publish $29.23.

While it looks fantastic on flawless skin, this product can cover wrinkles and does not settle into fine lines, and hide other imperfections.

Covergirl Trublend Undercover Concealer

The concealer that costs less than $10 could give full coverage compared to premium brands. Covergirl true blend undercover skin-smoothing concealer comes in 30 shade range. It hides under-eye black circles and black spots. Anyone with sensitive skin will be delighted by the vegan ingredients. The lightweight vegan formula brightens the under-eye area. Price at time of publish $7.48.

Should I buy it? Review from

Get rid of blemishes, dark circles, redness, and more with this smooth and soft formula that won’t flake and lasts all day! The vast, fluffy application tool makes for a silky and smooth application. It’s easy to select the ideal shade, with over 30 shades suitable for most natural skin tones. Also, I place a tiny product line under my bottom lash line and around the outer corner of my eyes because there’s a lot of darkness in my under-eye area—the best concealer for dark circles to hide them.

Revlon PhotoReady Candid Concealer, with Anti-Pollution

The formula is so smooth, and it melts into your skin from the first layer when you apply it. It suits all skin types (my skin is an oily mix). It has long-lasting power. Price at time of publish.

Revlon PhotoReady Candid is the best drugstore concealer that does not settle into fine lines and does not look cakey. But the most appealing characteristic is the sheerness of its light-reflecting colors that provide an even, soft-toned, and smooth finish that resembles the appearance of the Instagram filter IRL.

RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up Concealer

RMS beauty full coverage concealer can conceal discoloration, redness, and under-eye circles to give you a natural look. The Cover-up concealer is enriched with skin-loving ingredients, coconut oil, and Jojoba oil. Which can smooth, soften and nourish your skin. These natural ingredients are good for combination skin. Price at time of publish $35.98.

This is an innovative product for dark circles and skin that doesn’t only conceal imperfections but also helps mature skin to make it appear more youthful and natural-looking. It’s an incredibly smooth concealer and easy-to-blend formula.

Should I buy it? Value for the money?

It’s light and hydrating, and due to its hydrating properties, it is a good concealer for mature skin. It hydrates the skin and appears to melt into it and stay put all day. It hides imperfections and redness and provides flawless coverage that doesn’t appear dry or flaky.

Benefit Boi ing Industrial Strength Concealer

The Benefit Boi-ing concealer courtesy is praised for its smoothness and flawless coverage. It is ideal for color-correcting, under-eye circles, and redness. Price at time of publish. Blur, smooth, and conceal imperfections with Benefit’s boi-ing Concealer. The lightweight and waterproof Concealer offers medium to full coverage and can last 10 hours without creasing or caking!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Concealer Stick

The hydro boost stick concealer is enriched with hyaluronic acid and a hydrating base. This concealer is reasonably priced and is perfect for those who suffer from dry, flaky skin. This easy-to-use concealer is excellent for those buying it for the first time. The hydrating formula gives a natural-looking appearance. Price at time of publish $9.29.

Should I buy it? Value for the money?

The stick concealer by Neutrogena is developed to hide dark circles and conceal imperfections. The big plus point of this best concealer is to provide a non-greasy finish. On the other hand, the downside is the limited shade range. The lightweight hydrating formula glides effortlessly on the skin and gives flawless, natural-looking, silky, and smooth coverage.

Other Most Popular Best Concealers for Dark Circles

The 15 concealer for dark circles I have listed above is mind-blowing. But the women are also love the brand products because they are status symbols. And if you like a status, it is proud that you wear the expensive concealer for dark circles. They are high in price but also high in quality. Here we discuss other concealers for dark circles that are popular among ladies due to their flawless coverage.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer

This is a great product. You can always go right with Estee lauder double-wear concealer for dark circles. This covers up all imperfections, including stubborn dark under-eye circles. You have to get a good powder to set it with. You have to dab this on with the best makeup sponge and let it sit for a minute before applying powder. Then you have flawless skin! It is worth every penny and lasts forever.

A Primer on Dark Circles and Skin tone

A range of things can trigger dark circles, Eichner, the dermatologist from NYC. For instance, chronic inflammation could result in the excessive appearance of your eyes. “The doctor states that this can be from aggressively removing eye makeup and rubbing your eyes because allergy exposure can also contribute to darkness.

The light triggers cells that produce melanin, a pigment created and causes the under-eye to look like a pigment. Age may also play an important role. Decreased skin volume can cause blood vessels under the skin’s surface to become visible and have a blueish hue. Genetics can also play a role. Sometimes dark circles run in families. Our article mentioned fifteen concealers for dark circles; you can select according to your skin tone.

How do you apply a concealer to cover under-eye bags and dark circles Like a Pro?

It can be challenging to cover. Here are some tips to make the application easy.

Use an Eye Cream

Suppose you’ve ever put on concealer over your eye cream only to have it begin pilling instantly. Eye creams should be made up of the same base as your concealer. Check the list of ingredients for each product to ensure it’s compatible. A formulation of water or oil will likely be one of your best products. Always prefers eye creams that feel soft and oil-free on the skin. This is ideal for an eye concealer you apply under the eyelids. Blend it under your eye and rest for a few minutes before applying concealer.

Try a Color Corrector

Apply an eye color corrector, mostly peach shades of concealer used to hide dark circles and the blue-ish tint under the eyes. Pick a red and orange shade when you’re a brunette with dark skin tones. The perfect color should be less than the color of your face. This makes your eyes appear brighter and more vibrant, but without appearing as if you are hiding your eyes by concealing them with concealer. Successful makeup artists mix different shades to get the right shade. If you cannot discover the ideal shade that suits your skin type, try mixing two shades. One shade lighter than your skin tones and one darker.

Use Your Ring Finger

Use the smaller brushes to cover smaller areas, such as acne marks. But the best way is to apply concealer under the eyes using both hands’ ring fingers to prevent tugging or friction, which can cause hyperpigmentation. The heat from your fingertip helps the product melt into your skin, making it look more natural. If you apply concealers using an applicator that appears like a wand or pen, apply it over your eyes and then use your fingers.

Set It

Setting the makeup with setting powder under your eyes can be an additional useful process, yet it can help set the makeup and allow it to last longer. I suggest the Dermablend loose-setting powder.

Causes and Treatment for dark circles – Educational guide

After a long restful of sleep, You may suffer from dark circles under your eyes. Many people notice the familiar blue tint that appears under their eyes for some reason. Dark circles that are hidden around the eyes are a challenge for many. Many skin care products can help you fight those awful-looking blue or purple dark circles. Concealers can be a quick solution to look more youthful.

Many people aren’t sure which concealer to apply or the best way to get dark circle coverage. You could look cakey in lights if you don’t use the concealer correctly. We’ll discuss what causes them and the methods and treatments you can choose to hide the dark circles under your eyes.

Causes of Dark Circles

Let’s start by looking at the source of the dark circles visible under the eyes.


If you sleep less and are up all night for work, it could cause dark circles to appear under the eyes. Less sleep can cause you to be unfocused or irritable and impact the general mood of your day-to-day routine. You cannot play with sleep deprivation, especially if you don’t want dark circles. A lack of sleep can cause your skin to appear dull. Lack of sleep can lead to eye fluid forming under your eyes, making puffy eyes appear. Eye puffs can cause shadows that make your dark circles appear larger!


When you suffer from allergies, your body releases histamines as an allergic reaction. The histamines cause the blood vessels to narrow and appear on the skin. Allergies can also trigger irritation that could cause people to rub or scratch their eyes. These behaviors aren’t helpful and can lead to the severity of your symptoms, how your eyes appear, and damaged blood vessels.

Sun Exposure

Exposure to too much sunlight could lead to your body producing excess melanin. Melanin is the chemical that helps your skin appear and feel more radiant. Excessing it may cause the skin surrounding your eyes to appear darker. Melanin in excess in your eyes can affect them more than the rest of your body because the eye area’s skin is highly delicate. Wear sunglasses that block UV rays and sunscreen in direct sunlight to avoid this.


Genetics can play a major role in developing deep circles under the eyes. If you inherit something, it will be possible to notice it early in your life.


As the years pass, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and collagen, the main protein on your face. In addition, you lose the other primary protein, elastin. When the proteins fade and your skin begins to thin, you’re more likely to see the dark blood vessels on your face. Other factors worth taking into consideration are eye strain and dehydration. It is essential to know the reason behind your dark circles and take the appropriate steps to stop them from getting more severe.

How To Conceal Dark Circles with best concealers?


Concealer is essential, particularly if you’re trying to hide your under-eye area. We recommend sixteen Premium concealers because of their ultra-lightweight formula and high coverage, making them the perfect combination for concealing the temperate region of your under-eye. This step-by-step tutorial will assist you in hiding those eyes that are dark.

If you’ve discovered the reason behind the dark circles, we’ll discuss the best methods to conceal them using one of our favorite concealers. The first step is to prepare the area where you will apply the makeup. There are specific primers that are designed for use in the under-eye area.

The eye area around the undereye needs an additional dose of hydration. These primers offer extra moisture. They are specifically designed to cover dark circles. They assist in making your concealer in smooth place and prevent it from getting absorbed into fine lines. All you need is a tiny amount of primer. Apply it to the area under your eyes before applying your makeup.


Before applying anything to this sensitive area, it is essential to consider its consistency. You’re looking for something that provides extensive coverage that can spread over the entire area with a skinny layer. Stick-based products are usually too dry for use on the under eyes. Consider applying liquid concealers because of their hydration levels and the capability to provide coverage with thin layers.

Ideally, you’ll be wearing one that is lighter than the foundation. The lighter shade will assist in brightening the eyes of your under-eyes. Be cautious not to go too soft since it can make you appear older. Once you’ve discovered the ideal shade, apply a thin concealer layer under the eyes in an arc. Apply your ring fingers or a damp foundation sponge to blend the concealer. Avoid pulling or rubbing on your skin when applying your makeup or primer because this can cause unwanted eye pigmentation to worsen.


Apply a small amount of translucent powder underneath your eyes. This will prolong the time it takes for your foundation to last. It’s not required if you’re extremely dry or applying the concealer.

How to use Color-Corrector for dark circles?

If you’re unsure whether your concealer works, consider applying a color correction under it. If you’ve never seen concealers complementing your skin color, you can try the concealers in different shades, including orange and green.

It’s a little challenging to apply it to your skin. However, it can be a useful addition with certainty. Color correction uses an opposite hue of the wheel to erase the discoloration. This is more efficient than dark circles placed around the eye’s underside. Color correction can correct the redness of your eyes or any other discoloration related to color that you may experience.

Dark circles are usually black and blue. You can try shades that fall in the spectrum of orange. Choose a more dramatic shade if you have a fair or light skin tone. Consider a bisque corrector color if your skin is between delicate and medium shades. Applying an orange concealer is possible if you are dark skin tones. Apply the concealer according to your skin tone, one shade lighter than your normal shade range.

Tips For Dealing With Dark Circles

While eliminating dark circles is a challenge, Certain treatments could help.


Choose an eye cream with caffeine. It increases blood vessel elasticity and reduces eye puffiness. You can also locate products with retinol, vitamin E, and vitamin c since they help reduce the appearance of circles under the eyes. Be careful while choosing the best skin care makeup products. When you notice that the concealer has become more swollen, it may be because the product reacts to your skin.

Always select an eye cream from the same ingredients as your makeup to ensure it is in perfect harmony. If one is water-based and the other is oil-based, it could be incompatible with your skin and may need to be smoother. Always read the ingredients of your products to ensure that they’re compatible.

The primary ingredient is water or oil, so going through all components is unnecessary. If you gently apply a product, avoid touching the area below your eyes. Rubbing the area using force is not recommended as it could cause hyperpigmentation. Take care when removing your makeup.


As we’ve already stated that fatigue can cause dark circles. The best way to fight this is to take a good night’s sleep. Try to get 8 hours of sleep every night. It’s more than just improving your eyesight.


Do you think concealers should be lighter or darker to cover deep circles?

Experts in the field of beauty have different opinions regarding this. But most of them suggest applying one or two shades to your eyes while making sure you match the shade of your concealer. Yes, selecting one shade lighter than your skin tone and one dark shade to hide dark circles, dark spots, and age spots is good.

Can concealers help to hide dark circles?

The perfect concealer to conceal dark circles is one that reflects the light and wards off dullness. So, opt for lighter and more creamy shades. Radiant Lift concealer is a good choice because it gives a bright appearance, and vitamin e and vitamin c that keep the entire eye area, making it look fresh and healthy.

What’s the dark undertone?

If you’re suffering from dark circles, I suggest picking a shade with an undertone of salmon or orange. This can hide the blue or purple dark circles look.

What tone is my concealer? What tone should my concealer take?

If you’re selecting an eyeshadow that matches the shade of your skin, begin by using half the shade lighter than the foundation. Similar to choosing the shade of your foundation, pay focus on the words like “beige” (pink undertones), “cool” (pink), “warm” (yellow/olive undertones), and “neutral” and so on.

How do I apply concealer beneath the eyes?

You can apply concealer under your eyes. Blend it with an eye-makeup brush or sponge. Your ring fingers are the best concealer brush.


What can I do to prevent my concealer for my under-eye area not creasing?

After blending your concealer on your skin, fill the area with only a tiny amount of translucent powder.

Do I have to render my concealer more luminescent than my foundation?

Many famous celebrity makeup artists recommend choosing lighter shades for a more vibrant and youthful appearance. It would be best not to go more than two or three shades less than the base so that it doesn’t provide excessive contrast.



Saji is a concealer expert, reviewer, and makeup enthusiast. She reviewed 100+ concealers and their shades. Saji started working in the cosmetics industry when she was 21 years old, and now she is 45. With the experience of 24 years in the cosmetics industry, she is an expert at matching the concealer with skin tone.

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