The Best Waterproof makeup for swimming: 2024 Updated

A swim does not necessarily mean that your body must be flawless. Anyone can splash in the water when temperatures are rising! If you use the right waterproof and fragrance-free products, you will be stunning inside and outside in the ocean, swimming pool, and salt water. In the sweltering heat, you sweat and get wet; the last thing you want to worry about is your foundation or concealer melt on your cheeks or your mascara dripping down on your full face.

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In the beauty world, don’t assume waterproof makeup is only appropriate for hot summer days at the beach. Waterproof formulas are a fantastic choice if you need to wear makeup and want to stay through a sweaty workout, a long ladies’ night out, or allergy season to cover up red, itchy noses or dress up watery, irritated eyes. Waterproof products don’t need any touch-ups after some hours; waterproof formulas provide long-lasting coverage and are budge-proof.

Waterproof Makeup Tips

The most important thing you want to avoid is for your meticulously applied makeup to get smudged or run. Proper application is vital. These guidelines will help ensure that the makeup stays put. It’s fine for you to keep your waterproof setting powder in the house. You can avoid a cakey or fake appearance of your skin by setting powder with a water-resistant foundation.

Tinted lip balms are an excellent alternative to lipstick liner and lip pencil. It will give your lips a pop of color without excessive maintenance. It means you can spend less time worrying about it and more time relaxing! Apply a setting spray or setting powder for a long-lasting appearance. If you’re out in the sun, taking a dip in the pool, or having planned events, just a few sprays can impact you, even in the hottest temperatures.

Do not rub your skin using a cloth after you’re drying off. Instead, apply a gentle pat, so you don’t rub your face with makeup. Another option is using the blotting paper to soak up the excess water. Be cautious when removing waterproof makeup. Apply a small amount of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and warm water to remove waterproof eyeliner, shadows, and waterproof mascara effortlessly. To remove waterproof and water-resistant lip products, apply the lips in Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, then wipe off with a clean towel.

Best Waterproof Makeup Products to Wear while Swimming

If you’d like to appear beautiful and radiant, it is essential to wear waterproof makeup that is water-resistant. The waterproof makeup contains unique ingredients that protect its integrity, which means it won’t be smudged or run when in touch with water. The following are the most popular cosmetics that are suitable for swimming.

Foundations and Concealers

Avoid low-cost brands if you’re looking for makeup products that provide the best coverage, durability, and water resistance. Applying a cheap concealer during a hot day could cause a messy mess. Better to invest in an effective concealer. This will give you security, and you’ll also appear stunning.

For All Skin Types: MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

Price at time of publish$43.27 at Amazon, $41 at Ulta, $41 at Nordstrom, $50 at maccosmetics, $37.83 at Walmart.

  • Lightweight waterproof makeup with oil-free formula.
  • A customer reviewed it on Amazon and said it does not wear or run off on clothes.
  • Great for high humidity and lasts all day.
  • A lady said in her review she loves this foundation. It provides medium to complete, easily buildable coverage. MAC Pro Longwear foundation provides her demi-matte finish and covers all the acne scars. Additionally, she said she noticed no breakouts from it for two weeks, and she has sensitive skin. She also said she also has combination skin, usually with an oily appearance on her t-zone.
  • The top critical review by a customer on Amazon said to buy if you know the color/shade of your foundation. (my opinion is, she purchased the wrong shade according to her skin tone; it is not the product’s fault. Every makeup foundation or concealer has a shade range, and we must choose the shade according to our skin color/tone).

MAC Pro long wear waterproof foundation version is durable. The price is around $25 to $53.70 for the 25-ml tube because of 4 different shade range, every shade has it’s own price. It lasts all day, is oil-free, and blocks water from the face’s surface. It can be applied as a foundation or concealer, depending on the preferred level of coverage. Most reviews have been positive, and Makeup Alley users praise its light texture and crease-resistant formula.

Best for oily to normal skin type: Bobbi Brown BB Cream with SPF 35

Price at time of publish$143.28 at Amazon, $99.99 at Walmart.

  • It is not like traditional heavy makeup; it is very smooth and lightweight, like no makeup on the face.
  • It helps to reduce the look of wrinkles.
  • The Bobbi Brown BB Cream instantly brightens the under-eye area and dullness.
  • Not for Sensitive skin.
  • Expensive.

If you’re looking for lighter coverage but still give your skin some protection, go on this Bobbi brown-tinted moisturizing cream. It’s about $45 for one 1.3-inch tube and has an SPF rating of 35. It is marketed as a product with five functions (that can perfect, moisturize, brighten, repair, and even protect). This is a comprehensive cosmetics product. Instead of a dewy look, it gives a matte that makes it a distinctive BB cream. To find out how it looks all day long, look at the video on YouTube, Bobbi Brown’s First Impressions.

Wide Shade Range: Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer

Price at time of publish$34 at Amazon, $34 at lancome-usa, $34 at Ulta, $34 at macys, $34 at Nordstrom.

  • Lancome Effacernes waterproof concealer does not cake or look fake; additionally no cracks and does not settle into fine lines.
  • It covers dark circles, blemishes, surgery spots, age spots, and facial skin blotches.
  • The top critical review by a customer on Amazon is. Not the same creamy consistency as before.

Lancome Effacernes’s crease-proof and waterproof concealer blends perfectly and is wrinkle-resistant. It retails for just $30 to $45 for the 0.52 OZ tubes. It moisturizes the area around the eyes with sweet chamomile extract and honey. With reviews that praise its waterproof formula, all-day durability, as well as its buildable coverage, and creamy texture, the product can allow you to swim with style.

Shade Range of Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer
  1. 100 Porcelaine: fair skin tones with cool pink undertones.
  2. 110 Ivoire: fair skin tones with neutral undertones.
  3. 210 Light Buff: light skin tones with cool pink undertones.
  4. 220 Clair: light skin tones with neutral undertones.
  5. 250 Light Bisque: light to medium skin tones with warm yellow undertones.
  6. 260 Beige: light to medium skin tones with neutral undertones.
  7. 310 Camée: medium skin tones with neutral undertones.
  8. 360 Honey: medium skin tones with warm yellow undertones.
  9. 410 Doré: tan skin tones with neutral red undertones.

Splash-Proof and Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara isn’t new, but modern technology has improved it more than ever for women who enjoy swimming. The added polymer helps it adhere to your eyelashes even after just a few laps at the pool. There are a variety of waterproof mascaras to pick from; however, among the ones that have become the most sought-after (and efficient) are:

L’Oréal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Waterproof Mascara

Price at time of publish$8.98 at Amazon, $10.99 at Ulta, $8.98 at Walmart, $8.99 at Target, $11.49 at Walgreens.

  • Suitable mascara for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
  • Fragrance-free
  • Very good if you want a bold look
  • Separates and coat each lash and provide buildable volume.
  • The manufacturer changed the wand design, and it is a top critical review on Amazon by a customer. She is requesting the L’Oréal to change back the wand, please. It shows she is a regular customer of this L’Oréal mascara.

L’Oréal is a brand sold in drug stores that offer a waterproof shield and plenty of definition to lashes. It’s only $8 for a tube and provides a lot of thickness to your lashes. (Up at least three times thicker than your natural lashes in actuality). Because the product is not scented, it can be used by people with sensitive eyes and is described as the holy grail of products by beauty enthusiasts on YouTube.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara

Price at time of publish$24 at Amazon, $25 at tartecosmetics, $25 at Sephora, $25 at Ulta, $25 at macys, $23 at Walmart.

  • Developed with conditioning ingredients that soften the lashes.
  • Curl the lashes and hold them in a natural place for all-day wear.
  • No clumping or budging
  • The cruelty-free mascara is friendly for sensitive skin and eyes and is good waterproof mascara for watery eyes.
  • Most customers reviewed on Amazon that this is not the best waterproof product. Read their reviews. But per my research, every Mascara has different characteristics. Some are fat to dry after application, and some take time. So, Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes! Waterproof Mascara takes some time to dry. After proper drying, its waterproof features work for lashes.

Another essential mascara comes from Tarte. The beauty blogger Musings of a Muse praises the mascara’s ability to create a dramatic look. The price is around $26.49 and comes with waterproof, memorable (and adorable) packing. Nowadays, it is available at a discounted price. It comes with length, curl volume, volume, and conditioning features. It’s the mascara that you will reach for often and again. Tarte guarantees it will last for a long time. Lights, Cameras, and Splashes will remain on your lips whether the elements, sweating, catch you or crying.

Eye Shadow and Eye Liner

When applying eye makeup at the pool, the right amount of makeup can go a long way. A bold splash of color or liquid eyeliner will allow you to make an impact with ease. Here are some top picks for waterproof eyeliner and shadows that are swim-proof.

Julep Eyeshadow 101 Crème to Powder Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick

Price at time of publish: $16 on Amazon.

  • It goes on so easy and stays on all the day.
  • Huge variety of shade range.
  • There is even a sponge at one end for blending.
  • Best eyeshadow for beginners.
  • Many customers received the broken application from the supplier. It is the supplier’s or delivery team’s fault; maybe they dropped the product mistakenly, and the customer received the broken application.

Tip to wear Eyeshadow: put eye cream on the eyes and let it soak in for a few minutes. Apply one layer of eyeshadow, then a little more in the crease. Now you let it set for a minute. If you do this procedure, it shouldn’t crease and stay all day with no smudging or creasing.

Even if you’re going to the pool does not mean that your eyes need to be empty. You can use the cream to powder waterproof eyeshadow stick. Julep Eyeshadow 101 Crème to Powder Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick is priced at around $16 and is available in various shades. Each has a smooth consistency, is water-resistant, lasts 16 hours, and can give your new makeup look a hue pop.

Just glide and go. With the smooth application, a built-in smudger for effortless blending, and a waterproof powder finish, you don’t need a brush to get the look you love. Prime the smudger by coating it with color, then sweep the eyeshadow stick directly across your eyelids. Use the built-in smudger or your fingers to blend before the formula sets. For best results, prime the smudger by coating it with color before use.

MakeUp For Ever Aqua Resist 24 Hour Waterproof Eyeliner Color Pencil

Price at time of publish: $27.99 on Amazon.

  • Best for sensitive eyes.
  • Stays on all day.
  • Matte finish.
  • Expensive

For some who wear eyeliner, it isn’t an extra. It is a requirement. If you think the opposite is the case, you should include the Make up For Ever Aqua Seal Resist 24-Hour Waterproof Eyeliner Color Pencil in your makeup kit. It’s priced at around $32.11 and is simple to apply. It has an elongated tip that gives you much control and makes the application fast and simple. It’s also durable waterproof, and water-resistant, and guarantees that it will not budge or smudge.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid EyeLiner

Stila stay waterproof liquid eyeliner offers you to build an eye-opening effect. The tip is like a marker and offers precise application from a thin line to a bold, dramatic stroke. Shake well before use. Sweep the pen along the lash line. Use the tip of the eyeliner to create a thin, clean line. I suggest this super-fine marker-tipped pen right along your lash line for a completely defined look.


Everyone can appear poised and polished when swimming. Sometimes all you need is a little focus on particulars. Brows that are well-groomed add volume to your face and create a flawless look.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal Brow – Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector

Price at time of publish: $99.99 on Amazon.

  • A customer reviewed this product on Amazon. It is a great product; now she has bought the second tube. She has very few brows; for a defined eyebrow look, she bleached her brows and then applied this eyebrow corrector; she rated it five stars.
  • It stays on all day but comes off when you want it to.
  • Flawless looking finish.
  • The top critical review by a customer on Amazon said it is not a good waterproof.

Your eyebrows will be perfect everywhere, thanks to Make Up For ever brow gel (about $34.14 for the 7 ml container). This durable eyebrow corrector will allow you to quickly fill in gaps and define and get Instagram-worthy eyebrows. The highly pigmented product is applied with an angle-sharp brush. As with the rest of the Aqua collection, this one is made to stand up to sweat, water, and other harsh conditions. In short, your eyebrows won’t be going anywhere.

Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

Price at time of publish: $26.36 on Amazon.

  • A volumizing tinted water-resistant eyebrow gel with long-wearing formula.
  • A well designed tiny and tapered shape brush provides easy & mess-proof application.
  • Natural, thicker & fuller-looking eyebrows.
  • Available in wide shade range.
  • A customer complained on Amazon that she received old and dried product.

Another eyebrow product that you should keep in mind. Benefit’s Gimme Brow (just around $23.94 for the 0.1 one-ounce tubes) has been a hit in the beauty industry. It is not only an award-winning product. It also enhances your own brows to give them the appearance of nature. Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel is a water-resistant product that lasts long and comes with an easy-to-apply precision tip. It is no wonder that Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel is receiving positive customer reviews worldwide.

Lipstick With Staying Power

Lipstick isn’t an absolute requirement (especially when swimming); however, it’s an excellent option to relax and play by playing with color. Make your lips look gorgeous by choosing these great waterproof lipsticks.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

Price at time of publish: $11.19 on Amazon.

  • It glides smoothly, and the Non-drying creamy texture provides a sexy wet look.
  • Vitamin E conditions the lips and keep them soft.
  • Very vibrant in color.
  • Applying the lip balm first and then applying your lip pencil will soften your lips and have long-lasting vibrant effects.
  • A customer reviewed that the colors are Horrible. In my opinion, I am the author of this article. Yes, the colors are vibrant and for a bold look. These colors are not for those who like light colors because NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil is for a celebrity look.

The NARS matte lipstick pencil is excellent because it functions as a stain. It’s both lipstick and pencil, offering precision, shade, power, etc. With around $22.98 for a pencil, it’s not the cheapest alternative, but it does the job. The formula is soft and rich, with a lot of pigment, and lasts throughout the day. Use this matte lipstick pencil next time you would like to swim.

For Oily, Combination, Dry, Normal Skin Type: Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick

Price at time of publish: $27 on Amazon.

  • It doesn’t matter what you eat or drink or kiss. It is completely waterproof and does not transfer.
  • Long-lasting
  • Opaque Finish
  • A customer reviewed urban decay vice liquid lipstick on Amazon; she said beautiful color but didn’t last.

Nowadays, liquid lipsticks are trendy. The fashion-conscious have fallen in love with the long-lasting formula liquid lipsticks offer. This includes the line of Urban Decay. You can get highly pigmented and transfer-proof waterproof shades for just a little more than $20 for a tube. Urban Decay products are easy to wear and come in many colors and shades (including metallic and matte). Look at the blogger Keiko Lynn’s swatches of the entire collection.

Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge Liquid Lipstick

While many excellent waterproof lipsticks are available, Makeup Forever provides some of the finest. Their range includes twenty-three shades (some matte and others with a high-gloss finish), which means you’ll always find a shade. Each tube costs about $30 and protects smudge-proof and waterproof. The two-step application procedure (lipstick on one side and a discreet coating on top) guarantees that the color stays on. The product isn’t only popular. It is effective.

Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

Price at time of publish: $7.98 on Amazon.

  • A flawless matte finish.
  • Wow, a lady reviewed it on Amazon and said she wore it at 4 p.m. and went out for dinner after spending several hours dancing at a drinking bar. She got tired and fell asleep with full makeup. She woke up the next day at 10 a.m. and was surprised that the makeup was messed up except for this Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick.
  • A customer wants to buy all shades due to long-lasting.
  • Dries quickly

With Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink liquid matte lipstick, a beautiful, color-rich matte look is only a swipe away. With this liquid lipstick in the shade Exhilarator, you may achieve an actual crimson lip color for up to 16 hours. This highly pigmented liquid lipstick’s long-lasting formula gives you a super-saturated color with a matte, smudge-free finish. All day long, without transfer, color locks in and feels and looks great.

Makeup Setting Spray

The Milani Make It Last 3-in-1 Setting Spray and Primer locks your face in the makeup look you have built. It hides blemishes and then sets for a long time. You can enjoy your sexy look for up to 16 hours without smudging. Spray before or after applying makeup, or use it for a lovely, natural finish. Your skin is primed, moisturized, and illuminated by the vegan formula. Milani Make It Last is a cruelty-free and hydrating setting spray for all skin types. The Milani Make It Last 3-in-1 Setting Spray and Primer; $9.45 on amazon.

Reasons to Wear waterproof Makeup for Swimming

There is no set of rules in the realm of beauty. Certain women aren’t wearing makeup during summer, and others want to show off their glamorous side. Indeed, applying makeup at the pool or to the beach isn’t uncommon. While there will always be some criticism, There are numerous reasons to put it on before swimming.

Many products for the face, including moisturizers, primers, and BB creams, contain SPF. There are numerous SPF-added foundations too. These products can shield your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Research shows that many women use makeup to boost their confidence in themselves. A study conducted by The Renfrew Center Foundation found that 44 percent of women reported negative emotions without it.

Patients recovering from surgery might wear makeup while swimming to provide protection for their newly healed skin. For many women, wearing makeup is an everyday ritual. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable experience. If you’re looking forward to a day at the beach, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the time you have set aside for you.

Look Beautiful Wherever You Go

Why should go swimming means you have to sacrifice your beauty routine? With careful application and a few waterproof products, you’ll appear (and feel) gorgeous from head to foot.



Saji is a concealer expert, reviewer, and makeup enthusiast. She reviewed 100+ concealers and their shades. Saji started working in the cosmetics industry when she was 21 years old, and now she is 45. With the experience of 24 years in the cosmetics industry, she is an expert at matching the concealer with skin tone.

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