How to Prevent Under Eye Concealer from Creasing: Pro Tips from the Experts

Creasing of under eye concealers is a nightmare for every makeup enthusiast. It is not the fault of concealer because concealers come in different shades for different skin tones. Hey, my innocent friend, you choose the wrong concealer formula. Choosing the right under eye concealer formula according to skin tone and type is an essential cosmetics gear. Although we are excited when we find a low-priced product, our joy is often tempered because a midday look in the mirror shows creasing and crinkling.

under eye concealer
under eye concealer

Celebrity makeup artists say celebrities can’t compromise on looking flawless crease-free. A team of makeup artists and assistants aids models and actresses who can control the under eye concealers from creasing with necessary touch-ups. Please read our complete article. It will lead you to the makeup artist that is hidden in you.

We can imitate celebrities flawlessly hidden, fresh-faced appearances with genius tricks. You can reduce creasing, but it’s not always possible to stop it because we’re moving and breathing beings. Remember to be gentle with yourself. A few swipes of a damp makeup sponge or a ring finger will usually fix a crease. Many makeup artists advised some simple tips to prevent creasing.

How to prevent under eye concealer from creasing? Step-by-step Guide

Choose the Right Tools For Application

Your tools for applying concealer under the eyes and face should be gentle on the skin. Apply the concealer only to the areas you require for a natural, no-makeup look. The trick to applying concealer to areas with a buildable shade is to use a small pointed synthetic brush and then blend it with both ring finger. The warmth of your skin will melt and blend the concealer in, giving it a crease-free finish. To avoid pulling on the delicate skin around the eyes, use your ring finger (the one that applies the slightest pressure).

Always Choose a Lightweight Formula

The texture of your concealer plays a vital role in reducing under eye concealers from creasing as most concealers come with quick dry texture formula to provide instant coverage. But if you are a woman with dry or mature skin, apply a hydrating cream under the eyes and face. It will hydrate the under-eye area and your skin. You will get full coverage for dark circles and imperfections on your face.

How to choose correct and best full coverage Concealer? – Complete guide.

Put Your Concealer Strategically

Less is more is the key to combat under eye concealers from creasing. Use only two to three tiny drops for each side of the face, do not try to over-apply the concealer. It can give you a cakey look and may crease after a couple of hours. It is essential to use enough concealer to cover all areas, blend it well, and ensure the texture is not too thick or too thin. In the same way, you shouldn’t apply too much concealer to the under-eye area. The triangle area at the inner corner of our eyes is where we get the most darkening.

So focus your attention there. Therefore, this area is smoother and has minor creasing. Blend the product into the darker area and blend it towards your orbital bone to create a crease-free finish.

Apply Loose Setting Powder to Minimize Creasing

Apply under-eye concealer only with crease-free formula instead of using the two products. The loose setting powder can be applied to concealer to reduce creasing. A celebrity makeup artist, says loose powders like the one from Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Pore less Powder Makeup should be used sparingly. The powder is light-reflecting and can brighten dull or dark eyes. However, using excess powder before taking photos can be too reflective. Use a small fluffy brush, Daubigny Perfect Makeup Brush.

Prep with Eye Cream For a Smooth Finish

Preparing your under-eye area with a hydrating eye cream that absorbs quickly is necessary. Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum’s pick is a good choice. Apply the eye cream gently and wait a few minutes before applying concealer.

Apply your eye cream and then separate a 2-ply tissue to press on the under-eye area. This will remove any excess cream left behind and prepare the eye area for concealer.

Dark Circles

The use of a color corrector is also a good strategy. But you have to go back to your childhood playgroup class and recall the color theory of your drawing class. The color corrector concealer has the same concept as your drawing class color theory. When all the steps are done correctly, you still feel the circle under your eyes needs more correction. Then you need to apply an under-eye correcting concealer.

It can hide some majorly pesky dark circles. However, it can be hard to master the perfect and to avoid caked look or creasing after a few hours of wear. You have to do all the steps carefully and feel relaxed during the steps. Because it is hard to get a flawless finish, don’t be frustrated if any step is done wrong. Just say all is well, wipe off the excess product, and do the step again. Creasing of under eye concealers is a common problem and usually occurs for dry, oily and combination skin types.

Avoid Applying Concealer Too Close to the Eye Lashes

You don’t have to apply under eye concealer too close to your lashes to achieve heavy coverage. Blend the concealer edges towards the orbital bone to create coverage. Do the same with the reverse direction. Blend it upwards instead of applying the concealer directly along your lash line. Applying under eye concealer close to your bottom lashes if you have long eyelashes. It can be a crease due to a wink. If you accidentally get too close to your lash line, you can fix it by gently wiping it with a makeup sponge or a cotton swab dipped in make up remover. This step will break down the product you applied wrongly and bring back the area.

You can also use a multi-purpose cream for the skin for easy removal. Gucci Westman prefers Honest Beauty Magic Beauty Balm with Fruit & Seed Oils, Multi-Purpose. She explained that this step would “break down the product that you have applied wrongly and bring back the area,” she said.

Damp makeup sponge

Touch-Ups are necessary even if you follow each of these tips. If you have oily skin, it is possible that your skin’s natural oils can cause creases in your under eye concealer. This is how creasing happens! I suggest easing your technique if you’re still applying your under-eye concealer in large triangle patches. Instead, apply a small concealer toward the tear duct, lightly blending with a makeup brush or damp makeup sponge. Then, add a little below the outer corner, not going too close to the lower lash line.

Blotting Paper to Remove Excess Product

Do you remember how you wipe your lipstick with a piece of tissue? The same procedure can be applied to the concealer. This is how it works: After applying your concealer using the correct concealer brush, lightly press a piece of blotting paper over the area under the eyes. It will absorb the excess product, leaving only the pigment behind, which guarantees long wear.

Make sure that your under eye concealer do not enhance the creases. Tap on the loose powder quickly, and then lightly cover the concealer. After the powder has been set, if it looks that you have applied too much powder, then gently dust it off until it is smooth and shiny.


Always start with a less product is a more professional technique if you are dealing with creasing concealer. Rather than starting with a thick layer of under eye concealer, build it up as you need it. Apply concealer in thin layers to achieve a flawless finish, and only apply as much as needed. Never apply too much of the product at once, which can cause caking and concealer creasing, especially if you use a heavy-duty formula.

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