How to conceal dark circles and under-eye bags with makeup

Concealing dark circles under the eyes can be challenging. Because sometimes dark circles tend to have a purplish-blue hue and sometimes tend to have deep, dark under-eye circles. It all happens due to lack of sleep, stress, or may be inherited. Do you remember the color wheel of your childhood playgroup classroom? You used to mix up the colors in your childhood to get a new shade and disappear the color from drawing that you didn’t like.

You can apply the same procedure for covering dark circles and dark spots. I will teach you all the necessary steps in this article. Here’s how to hide dark circles, under-eye bags, red or black spots, purplish dark circles, and deep dark circles under the eyes.

Here are the steps: How to conceal dark circles

Since we’ve been looking at ourselves in the mirror, dark circles may be seen more strongly in the camera than in the mirror. The lighting could cause the look of the pigmentation to be deeper and more noticeable. Deciding on the best ways to cover dark circles is essential, and that’s what the makeup experts say. Two of the most famous makeup artist share how to achieve the smoothest and most flawless look you ever had in your youth.

Remove the puffiness from your eyes

Utilize an ice pack of cool gels for the eyes or a chilled teaspoon to apply pressure all over the area. The cooling helps in reducing the dark circles. Additionally, the pressure triggers the body’s natural response to eliminate the fluid accumulated in the region. In addition, you can put a raw slice of cucumber on both your eyes during the facial or in your normal daily routine at home.

The cucumber is naturally cool and helps reduce puffins and dark circles. Cucumber extract is also beneficial for skin freshness. It is the best process if you put chilled cucumber slices on your eyes; this process will speed up the process of de-puffing.

An Eye Cream

A high-quality night eye cream could be more beneficial for permanently treating dark circles. But on the other hand, if you are a working woman or a student, some little makeup touch-ups are necessary for your daily routine. Apply a hydrating eye cream under the eyes before makeup to instantly hide dark circles.

A makeup artist advised it is essential to moisturize and nourish the skin before applying concealer, as well as correctors are going to sit over the top rather than sink into fine lines under the eyes.

A Foundation Base

Apply a foundation and blend it into a thin layer under your eyes. Applying it with a ring finger is suggested to give an opaque coverage before blending it with a makeup beauty sponge. Suppose you are still searching for an ideal foundation that matches your skin tone.

Professional makeup artists have a trick:

  • Blend a shade lighter than your skin tone and one dark shade.
  • Apply it to your jawline.
  • Blend it with your cheeks and neck.

If the shades mix both ways naturally, you’ve discovered the perfect shade that suits your skin tones. Always try to buy two shades lighter than your skin, if you have the budget, and one dark shade than your skin color.

Corrector to cover dark circles

A celebrity makeup artist explains you cannot apply just foundation on dark circles because it can appear like ash. Correctors use color theory to eliminate the shades of pigmentation or eye bruises so that you can conceal them. Professional makeup artists prefer to use an orange or peachy color corrector to balance the purple hues on the skin.

They suggest gently pressing a makeup sponge in a light layer of concealer using a press-push method to give you full coverage for dark circles. This will allow you to use less product to offset the darkness, preventing your cakey appearance or thick concealer from creasing. This could be better when you see the cakey appearance in photos from high-resolution DSLR cameras.

Concealer courtesy

Applying an illuminating formula lighter than your skin under the eyes is recommended to make the under-eye area appear more radiant and natural. It is difficult to select the concealer that matches with your skin tones and especially if you are prone to wrinkles. You require an extra dense, matte, and firmer full coverage concealer that will cover the under eye area, also fine lines under the eyes and wrinkles without settling into fine lines and laugh lines on your cheeks during laughing. Suppose you have dry skin type, you need the hydrating liquid concealer.

In case of oily skin, you must use an oil-free concealer infused with an oil control formula to prevent the excess oil and reduce the shine from oil on the face. The bisque shade is best for light to medium skin tones. Women with delicate skin tone need makeup products with SPF30 UV formulation or higher. Thinning skin tone and sensitive skin tones need the cruelty-free or vegan formula with complete coverage due to hide breakouts on thin skin and to treat acne scars on sensitive skin type.

Apply two or three tiny dots of concealer under each eye, focusing on the inner corner and the outer corner using a small makeup brush (not small in size, I mean makeup brush with small bristles). Use your ring fingers or makeup pads to press it. Be careful not to get too close to your eyelashes, which could cause creasing. After applying concealer, you must set it under the eyes with makeup setting powder. This process will brighten dark circles and give you a dewy look.

Make sure it is done

Blotting papers can remove the excess oil from the face. In the end, use a tiny brush to apply the setting powder. The loose powder will become sticky. Makeup artist suggest using a transparent powder is best rather than typical loose powder. Apply a fine mist fixative spray. If you’re suffering from sweat or shine, dry dab it with a dust puff.

Best Makeup buying guide according to your skin tone

Here are some guides about buying the best concealers. Read the article for the 15 Best Concealers for dark circles, Blemishes, and Dark Spots.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right concealer according to your skin and undertones is wise. Please don’t choose a product that looks attractive on any other women’s face; it may not suit you. Take proper sleep of a minimum of six hours at night. This will balance the blood flow in your body. Using a homemade mask mixing two teaspoons of pure milk cream and one teaspoon of honey in the pot is also very useful. Blend them well, and add three to four drops of lemon juice when the mixture gets ready. A lemon contains 50 milligrams of Vitamin C. Apply it on your skin and leave the skin for twenty minutes. Vitamin c, honey, and pure milk cream will strengthen your face, and blood vessels close to your skin will disappear with time.



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